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Tora'ka Naw'noa

Deep in the jungles Kairk, on the edge of the Kingdom of Man, lies the ruins of an impossible city:  Tora'ka Naw'noa.  Shunned by the elder races of Aeomir the monster haunted ruins of the cyclopean city of gold holds many long forgotten secrets and treasures.

Now Mankind has started picking away at those secrets;  Adventurers from all across the realm have come to seek their fortune.  Are you brave enough to join them and face your fate among it's ruined streets and dark dungeons?  Will you be strong enough to confront the dark secrets you may unleash?

Currently in planning, this campaign is a resurrection of an aborted 4th ed campaign I ran some years ago.  Will hopefully be gathering  players to play in person in the near future or maybe through Roll20. 



Home Page

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