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Major Points

  • Mankind was kept as slaves:  Until just 200 years ago all mankind was kept as slaves to the dominant elvish, dwarvish, and draconic empires.  They were only recently freed after a band rebels formed the first humans human army.

Many still resent the decision to allow the formation human empire.  Several dwarvish holds and elvish 

  • Death-Tide: A Cyclical cataclysm:  Wherever naturally occurring or due to some catastrophe in the distant past the world of Aeomir is situated very close to the dark realm known as The Shadowfell.  The planes move in and out of alignment on a schedule that even the wisest cannot predict.  

When the two planes are at the closest a Deathtide occurs.  The darkness and gloom of the The Shadowfell spill through the ancient rifts and pour over the land.  In the wake of these ruptures hordes of undead and shadow creatures spill into the world.

  • War Looms:  The Kingdom of Man has always sat on shakey ground.  Recent defeat in the eastern provinces has cost the kingdom a large portion of it's army and left it in chaos.  The many forces that resent or wish to conquer the upstart kingdom are starting to move in.

The dwarf-hold of Ranock are

  • Ancient Wonders  The world is ancient and has seen the rise and fall of many empires.  The cyclopean ruins of The Age of Dragons litter the landscape.  Crumbling elvish cities of vanished tribes lay hidden among the forests and jungles.  Dwarf holds full of stale air and forgotten riches lie abandoned.

Many of the great cities of this age are built on the ruins of the old.  The wreckage of a bygone era is constantly being rediscovered and re-purposed.  An ancient stone wall may form one side of a great settlements protection and a great damn may still be maintained to provide fresh water for  a region.  The recent scramblings of a re-emerging civilization will often provide stark contrast as ramshackle buildings of scrap and timber often reside next astounding works of architectural ingenuity.

  • Magic is Feared Magic and magic users are a rare thing to begin with but when they do occur they are treated with fear and superstition.  In elvish and dwarvish societies Wizards and Sorcerers must undergo rigorous training that weeds out the weak.  Those who refuse the training or practice magic without sanctioning are hunted down by the Quin-ta-marin.

Humans who wield arcane magic are considered an abomination and a danger.  The Quin-ta-marin actively hunts human mages when and where they can.
Mages in The Kingdom of Man are generally safe.  King Osric made a compact his companion Egast and the mysterious head of The Secret College to ensure the Quin-ta-marin can only operate in a limited fashion within the kingdom.  Further king always has a wizard adviser appointed by the college itself.

Player Overview

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